Monday, November 24, 2003


Cubing - my on-the-spot made-up name for the activity of playing this game. I could have called it one of the other objects, but that would have given too much away.

What am I on about? Go read it.

Don't read on until you have read the article, unless you're not gonna bother.

My landscape has very fine sand, pretty flat but a dune off in the far distance ahead of me that starts just before the horizon. The storm is currently in that direction too, a grey-cloud (but fluffy grey, defined-shape-clouds like you used to draw when you were about 5yrs old) one with lightning forking down every now and then. No other clouds to be seen, the sun is quite bright and hot as you'd expect in a desert. No rain involved (so no, I don't know how my flowers got there but they did).

There are thousands and thousands of crocii (plural of crocus?) clumps with say 3 to 5 flower heads in each clump, evenly spaced (4ft apart?), not very high - maximum 30cm. The brown show-jumping-type horse is just standing there, not chewing or anything just the odd breeze blowing it's maine (sp?) hairs around a little. Long tail, it looks contented just standing there motionless.

The ladder appeared as a metal fold-out one, not one of the long ones; probably just picked the ladder we use at home for getting into the loft (but not a specific loft ladder style). I know exactly what I mean but not gonna describe it in any more detail.

As soon as the horse came into it, for some very strange reason the ladder moved to be standing (still vertical, to climb upwards on) onto the horses back (which is wearing a brown leather saddle, by the way).

The cube... Onto the cube.

It's hovering a couple of foot over the ground in mid-air, seemingly unsupported by anything. Just in front of me, the horse is behind it (with that ladder resting on the saddle) Sides about 3ft long; sides of metal plate (not so thick that they don't bend a little if you were to stand on it). It's hollow, and you can see this because the sides aren't completely square, but rounded at the edges so there's a gap at the corners you can see space inside. It's too dark to see all of the inside but if you were to hold it at weird angles you'd see light coming through from the other sides. The sides are painted in smooth pastel-orange.

There. Enough description? I could go into a little more detail from my mind, but that'll do... Hope you've already come up with yours (or not bothering), cos it's a little too late to go do it now... You're intrigued aren't you. Blame this one on my mate Jon's blog...

Thursday, November 20, 2003

ADSL in the pipeline

Hurrah! I'm going to get ADSL! Got paid from the bit of computing work I've been doing, and some of the spare cash is going towards a proper ethernet ADSL modem/router/whatever.

New PC

Today I've been messing with a new PC I acquired via my mate Jon (who was going to throw it out otherwise).

It's a P133, with pretty bare innards (no HD, possibly broken n/w card) that I've added to from my spares to create a working box. It'll be my router/gateway once I've got ADSL up, and maybe even before. The case design sucks though. Like my old P166, but even worse - the case fan is directly wired into one of the PSU output plugs - too noisy so I cut the wires and replaced with my own fan).

I want this pc to be reasonably quiet as it'll probably be on all the time once I'm broadbanded so every noisy fan has to go. I have some spare quieter ones so don't worry, it won't fry.

Getting a suitable HD was 'fun' though. My first HD ever (1.07Gb minus some bad sectors by now) defaults to slave mode, and I've lost the smaller-than-normal jumper to set it to master; so I improvised with a bit of wire wrapped round it, and some blu-tac so it didn't slip off... Did the job.

Why couldn't they use normal jumper sizes like everyone else does?

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Wow - another blog

My mate Jon says I need more blogs here. So here's one.

Been trying to think of some Christmas present ideas; Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle on DVD looks tempting, and only £15 at WHS (so maybe, even cheaper elsewhere?); or as I shall be getting ADSL soon, maybe one of those massively online multiplayer games to waste all my spare time on?

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

My first proper entry...
Saw a sight yesterday which made the journey back from a Matrix-Revolutions viewing worthwhile. Pulling up to some lights on the way out of Guildford, a Hyundai or something braked to a halt beside us containing a lot of people. 3 in the front (two on the passenger's seat, one lady on a guy's lap - ooer missus..) and maybe 4 people in the back. It was obvious that the majority were quite drunk (perhaps the front seat lap-sitter was completely out of it).

Cool film though. Better than the 2nd one; fewer special FX but more story and tension, plus what fx there were are done better (nothing shouted out at you that it was CGI'd although a hell of a lot obviously was).

First Blog!

My first blog entry. Just wanted to check it works... Thanks to and the very easy setup process.

Afraid there's nothing of real interest here yet, though.