Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Kill Bill 2

Went to see Kill Bill vol.2 the other day - not as violent or bloody as the first one, more of a Quentin Tarantino dialog movie. It was worth going to see, and it put some meat on the bones of the character backgrounds from the first movie. I'm not quite sure how much I like it yet though.

Still got a couple of days off from my P.O. work, so time to do my contracted s/w development work instead. There's been some gorgeous weather too, nice for sitting out in the evening in the sun. And getting slightly sunburnt (as I did last Friday round my mate Adam's). I was sitting with just one side facing the sun, so only that half of my face (and neck) got a bit red; luckily it didn't go peely or stay red for very long or it would have been quite embarassing.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

My birthday

It's my birthday! And I'm not working till next Thursday!

I got the new Guns'n'Roses compilation album - some great classics on there, a couple of DVDs (the 3rd Matrix film + HHgttG) and some other stuff. The G'n'R CD has been on play a lot already.

About to head into town with Jon, and plans exist for later on tonight (pub, a P.O. colleague's daughter has the same birthday as mine), tomorrow (most likely the Hog's Head, with Adam/anyone else who wants, consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages), and Saturday (possibly attending a party); possibly also a Kill Bill 2 outing to the cinema on Sunday.

A Matrix moan (the 1st movie).. Petty but gotta get it off my chest

It's a really petty thing, but whenever I think about that movie, there's always one piece of dialog that bugs me cos the emphasis is just plain on the wrong word. When Neo first chats to cypher (Region 1 DVD, chapter 19 - post import into the real world):

"The image translators work for the construct program"

The emphasis should surely be on "work", if anywhere. Not on the "for". It's not as strong an emphasis as I thought, having just revisited it; but it's wrong!

Monday, April 19, 2004

My birthday

My birthday's coming up (22nd April), so I expect loads of presents from all of you... Well, anyone who thinks they should do.

Photo competitions

Entered a photo competition recently. Not really a pure photo competition judged by esteemed pro's, but just a local village one (or rather, local to where my parents live). Actually it was mainly an RHS arts/crafts show with a bent towards flowers; arrangements and so on.

Got one 2nd out of 4 categories entered; not that great, and I did rush the choice of entries a bit and wished I'd got some more prints done of other ones I wish I could have entered. But shouldn't complain really. There's always next time.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

IRC Q&A with Shaun of the Dead dudes

Just been on an internet-chat question and answer session with Shaun of the Dead guys Simon Pegg (also from Spaced) and Edgar Wright (director). Actually, it's still happening as I write; and "Dawn of the Dead" (the original, obv) is on BBC2. Got one of my Q's so far answered:
Q: what would the porn version of SotD be called
A: zombies f*&$ing
(swearing censored out as this is a family-viewable website)

Found out some more stuff while there - there's going to be a big book of Spaced stuff, called, surprisingly, "The Big Book of Spaced", and there's another movie(?) project Simon is working on after he's finished promoting SotD (can't remember the name).

Also (prior to the official chat), rumours of a movie of "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" book were appearing. Heard this before, many times over the last 10 years or so; dunno if they're serious but if they are they better not ruin it or make it too commercial and Americanised. I'll kill 'em if they do... ;-)

Monday, April 05, 2004

Starsky and Hutch

Went to see the Starsky and Hutch movie last night - a good film, not as tacky as I expected. Not "great", but a good enjoyable and funny film that was definitely worth going to see. I didn't go in knowing much about it, and you'll have to note I haven't seen many of the old series; but I liked it.

There are some good comedy moments and that red, white-striped Ford Torino is just toooo cool (go if you like wheelspin and V8s - obviously no grip in those rear tyres!). Made me wish mine would wheelspin (all-wheel-drive means it takes serious rain and dropping the clutch from >3000rpm to get any slip; that or a 90° angle take-off from standing with, again, plenty of revs - damn Scooby grip).

Nothing too deep in the storyline, but there is at least a flow to it and a thought-out plot. Unlike Charlie's Angels (particularly #2), which is just a mindboggling non-stop action-packed sequence of stunt and special FX scenes (don't get me wrong, a fun film for it, but very superficial). That style wouldn't have worked as well for this anyway.

Wanna see it after that?
Do it. Do it. Do it.