Monday, April 05, 2004

Starsky and Hutch

Went to see the Starsky and Hutch movie last night - a good film, not as tacky as I expected. Not "great", but a good enjoyable and funny film that was definitely worth going to see. I didn't go in knowing much about it, and you'll have to note I haven't seen many of the old series; but I liked it.

There are some good comedy moments and that red, white-striped Ford Torino is just toooo cool (go if you like wheelspin and V8s - obviously no grip in those rear tyres!). Made me wish mine would wheelspin (all-wheel-drive means it takes serious rain and dropping the clutch from >3000rpm to get any slip; that or a 90° angle take-off from standing with, again, plenty of revs - damn Scooby grip).

Nothing too deep in the storyline, but there is at least a flow to it and a thought-out plot. Unlike Charlie's Angels (particularly #2), which is just a mindboggling non-stop action-packed sequence of stunt and special FX scenes (don't get me wrong, a fun film for it, but very superficial). That style wouldn't have worked as well for this anyway.

Wanna see it after that?
Do it. Do it. Do it.

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