Sunday, May 30, 2004

What to do...

Over a week since my last post and what have I got to talk about?

Been watching a few films again (on TV, Sky Movies channels are great for that) - 28 days later, Screamers most recently. Both horror/thrillers.

I'm looking forward to seeing some good Simpsons episodes this coming week as Sky 1 are showing their pick of the best of each character's episodes. Looking down the list, I saw a few I'd seen but a lot of them I haven't. How many hundred episodes of Simpsons are there, exactly? A lot, I suspect.

And,... the Bank holiday.. What am I supposed to do with that then? No plans whatsoever and I could either do some Palm development work or just tidy, do a few chores, watch some TV and mess on the 'pute like I'll probably end up doing anyway.
Some people I know from my regular pub are(/were?) off to Homelands, a dance festival. Could do with some kind of outing. Or possible cinema trip? That's an idea. There's the new Harry Potter movie, and The day after tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend whatever you end up doing, if you come up with any great ideas for me in time leave a commant... ;-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tru Calling

Tru Calling, a new(ish) show on Sky 1 (for all those with satellite). It's got Eliza Dushku in it (previously "Faith" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer), playing a morgue worker who has visions.

Some of the dead bodies brought in speak to her; literally - they call for help and instantly she is whisked back to the start of the day to relive it and try to save their lives. This also gives her a chance to improve things in her personal life. I've been getting quite into it the last couple of weeks (it's only been going a month or so), mainly for the development of Tru's personal life - her dysfunctional family and non-believing brother.

Note: 1st post with new ('s) comments.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blogger relaunch!

Wowsa.. just (well, since my last blog entry) refurbished their site and did a relaunch.

Looks like some cool stuff, and they support comments now - so I might have to start using them here rather than at If you've made a comment I'll do my best to shift it over (thought about leaving them on commentthis, but having two links for comments on each post isn't good at all). Although apparently there are conditional tags now, so might be possible to do some date-checking and use the appropriate link around the cross-over point.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

My "Sex and the City" column

A particular conversation from those repeats on C4 put me to thinking...

(in your best Carrie Bradshaw voice...)
Straight women have men for relationships. Women have women for friends. They also tend to get along well with gay guys as friends. But the same thing doesn't work with guys and lesbians. We fantasise about them, that's it. Unfair (in a twisted kind of way)!
I suppose straight guys can get along with gay guys too, but there's still the possibility of sexual tension getting in the way (1-way only).

I don't think I'd ever get myself a newspaper column with that observation somehow.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Repetitive adverts (grr...)

Some digital channels (say, LivingTV as the particular example I'm singling out here that provoked this post) have a tendency of advertising their top/new shows again and again during every single ad break. It gets bloody annoying. When you've seen a trailer for a show about 10 times by the end of an hour program you very soon get annoyed by it. Then they even advertise it in the finishing credits (doing one of those things where they split the screen in half). Grrr.....

Monday, May 03, 2004

BBC2 is 40

Happy birthday BBC2!

They've put up a website at the BBC with some of the old logos and celebrations of BBC2. It's had some real classic shows over the years and although it languishes in obscurity some of the time, and hides some of the shows the BBC aren't yet ready to show to the limelight of BBC1, that tendency going for edgier or harder hitting, more serious and innovative/risky programmes has done it well on many occasions.

There have been some brilliantly conceived logos/channel-id's too, go check the website out if you've got your rose-tinted glasses on for some nostalgia. You can also watch a show on the channel's history at 8pm tomorrow (Tuesday 4th May).

Kill Bill 2: addendum

Having had some time to consider my verdict on KB2 (see original post, below) I've decided that it's not as good a film as the first one; some items from it might even have been better as footnotes or extras on the DVD. David Carradine is great as 'Bill', Uma as Beattrice of course kicks butt again. Being less of fight movie, there isn't anything even nearly as impressive or cool as the Crazy-88 from the first one, but the end scene does something to make up for it and you do wonder whether it's going to end as you thought for a while.

I feel a little guilty for not liking this film as much and wanting bigger fight scenes in it like the first one, cos it is in some ways a different type of film and perhaps I shouldn't be wanting them. But then in others it's the same as the first one so, is it unfair?

It could have been done in one movie, but would have lost out too much and had too much explaining to do.

London: The Greatest City

Just watched a very interesting C4 program on the history of London right from it's beginnings with the Romans in AD43, up to it's current-day geography. Apparently there's a similar documentary on BBC1 in a few days time.

It reminded me how impressive St. Pauls is, and that it's a long time since I last visited it. It espoused the improving architecture that's appearing now (a good thing compared to the older boring, and sometimes even horrible, buildings that have attacked the skyline)