Monday, May 03, 2004

Kill Bill 2: addendum

Having had some time to consider my verdict on KB2 (see original post, below) I've decided that it's not as good a film as the first one; some items from it might even have been better as footnotes or extras on the DVD. David Carradine is great as 'Bill', Uma as Beattrice of course kicks butt again. Being less of fight movie, there isn't anything even nearly as impressive or cool as the Crazy-88 from the first one, but the end scene does something to make up for it and you do wonder whether it's going to end as you thought for a while.

I feel a little guilty for not liking this film as much and wanting bigger fight scenes in it like the first one, cos it is in some ways a different type of film and perhaps I shouldn't be wanting them. But then in others it's the same as the first one so, is it unfair?

It could have been done in one movie, but would have lost out too much and had too much explaining to do.

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