Sunday, May 30, 2004

What to do...

Over a week since my last post and what have I got to talk about?

Been watching a few films again (on TV, Sky Movies channels are great for that) - 28 days later, Screamers most recently. Both horror/thrillers.

I'm looking forward to seeing some good Simpsons episodes this coming week as Sky 1 are showing their pick of the best of each character's episodes. Looking down the list, I saw a few I'd seen but a lot of them I haven't. How many hundred episodes of Simpsons are there, exactly? A lot, I suspect.

And,... the Bank holiday.. What am I supposed to do with that then? No plans whatsoever and I could either do some Palm development work or just tidy, do a few chores, watch some TV and mess on the 'pute like I'll probably end up doing anyway.
Some people I know from my regular pub are(/were?) off to Homelands, a dance festival. Could do with some kind of outing. Or possible cinema trip? That's an idea. There's the new Harry Potter movie, and The day after tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend whatever you end up doing, if you come up with any great ideas for me in time leave a commant... ;-)

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