Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm 30. What a great weekend it was too. Handily, it fell on the Saturday and I was out partying until at least chuck-out time at 2am. Got back home at 3, slept til 2.30pm and awoke with a bit of a hangover (was the spirits that did it, I'm sure! Nothing to do with the pints I sank! Honest!).

I was such a party animal I didn't open my presents or cards til Sunday at about 4pm. I hadn't been at my flat since Friday morning anyway so I wouldn't have been able to pick the cards up.

It's been a pretty awesome and very social month (and rather expensive - ouch), in fact I haven't watched anywhere near as many films as I would do normally (only 3-4ish so far I think). I need to recover next month (financially, for one thing).


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm all booked up.

Knowing my titles, you'd think I meant I'd been reading lots. But no, it's me being busy every weekend this month that's inspired this post.

Last weekend I was out every day: Friday with a mate after work (meal,pub in Camden); Saturday clubbing and made a new friend and had lots of fun - didn't return to my flat until Monday evening (don't worry, I didn't skip work). It was a bloody great weekend.

Next weekend I'm going to a party in Nottingham.

Weekend after that is Easter and I shall be helping a mate move into a flat and seeing the family.

After that is my 30th birthday, I expect to be out lots.

At the end of the month I'm partying again, out for the majority of the weekend I suspect.

Anyone got any tips on how to cope? :-)