Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last TotP

What an excuse for a cheap clips program. What happened to the live performances. They might as well have called it "Top 40 TotP moments" and stuck it on C4 (sorry C4).


Friday, July 28, 2006

Fast-food ban

KFC, Burger King, McDonalds - the offenders. I decided 2 or 3 years ago that I was going to stop using them, and I've stuck to it pretty well. I once went into a McD's 'cos I was desparate to find a toilet and felt guilty, and was a bit hungry so I got some regular fries. But that's it.

Why? I've heard the stories about what people have found in their burgers, and you know it's junk food anyway and not particularly healthy. I have known people who've worked at these places and heard stories that makes me wonder about the hygiene at a few of the outlets. I don't abhor burgers or chips, although I don't have them that often (I do like them lots actually); but no more from any of the aforementioned places.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Techie Talks

I went to Techu Katchu, now to be called "Ask Later" (for copyright reasons) on Wednesday with a mate. It was a last-minute thing after work, I got a call asking if I was doing anything and wanted to come out for a more intellectual evening than sitting in the pub. Although there was a fair bit of that after too....

Talks can get boring if they're too long. So the rules were: 20 seconds per slide, and generally around 5-7 minutes long per talk. There were several people that had come along to do one, not to sell anything or promote stuff; just to talk 'cos they fancied doing it, or maybe as practice for other talks they might do in bigger arenas. I thought public talking was supposed to be scary stuff! Mind you, there wasn't a very full theatre so the audience was about 20-30 (guess).

They were all generally technical talks, but you can't go into too much detail with such short talks so we didn't get to any one subject inside-out. The subjects varied from bad/odd things wrong with the world (the most political talk of the evening) to how to automatically solve Sudokus in newspapers using a scanner and some image recognition software in Ruby.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Beware - Contains Fish

Careful! If you pick up a pack of Salmon (from Sainsbury's, say) - don't forget that it contains fish. So says the allergy advice on the back of a pack of Salmon fillets I bought today. I kid you not. The world has gone mad. Well, more mad than it was, anyway.