Thursday, February 12, 2004

Alone... (nearly)

I'm only talking about the house. Liz (flatmate) is moving out. Has moved out, actually. Still a load of stuff here that's hers, but the big stuff is gone. It's only down the road too; she's moved with her new(well, 6 months ish) boyfriend to a place a couple of miles down the road. So I have the place to myself. Apart from Dave (the landlord) who's hardly in anyway (spends all his time at work, down the pub, or asleep).

It also means no smoke (they're both smokers; I'm not), a whole Sky Digital box to myself (had to share it with Liz before), and I have plans for the room she left too (guest room/upstairs TV room, has my sofa-bed in there anyway). No change to my rent or anything as we're just renting rooms.

I was working in the morning (Wednesday), and having offered to help Liz move, knew I'd be busy in the afternoon/evening so stopped for a crafty half in the local Hog's Head for a break. Ended up not eating anything till the evening either.

So I got home, Liz had decided she couldn't rely on her ex-husband to help out with his Transit van and had booked a van for hire. She then booked a cab for me to go pick it up, and I spent the rest of the day helping move furniture, drive it up and down the hill to the new place, and unpack it.

I got some money for it (didn't ask for any, just got given some and tried (not too hard ;-) to turn it down) and I'll make a bit more out of the cashback on my credit card from paying for various new things they've ordered; also got the cash back to cover it today so that's going straight into the ISA until I need it... Sorted.

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