Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Dentist

Finally got my 2 fillings done today - due to post-house-move(last year)-non-address-updating, I never heard about my dentist (a nice down to earth easy-going chap from what I've experienced) going on hols. So I couldnt rebook the apt. until a few days before, when I rang up to check times. The last check-up was early January, so it's been a while. Not the sort of thing you want hanging over you, waiting to happen. Local anaesthetic and all so my mouth has been numb up until about 8pm this evening (Wednesday).

The bonus was that it cost less than I expected - more like a normal check-up, and his lovely female assistant who I didn't learn the name of but almost asked out before I left. Damn... It's not like a shop either where you can just go back with a lame excuse, 'cos my next checkup is another 6 months away. Even if I go back to change the time of it (as I might need to, depends if it clashes with my brother's wedding) I'll only see the receptionists.

There's one Q I didn't ask: do I need to take special care brushing my teeth (how long is it still hardening for?) - that would be something I could speak to them about. Although, the assistant won't be there tomorrow, she's got a day off and mentioned that without prompting... Am I crap at taking hints, or am I reading too much in to it? He said something about a particular pub just up the road while I was there...

Or I could go back and pretend I thought I left something there. That's a good excuse to be able to go see them.

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