Monday, August 23, 2004

Guest membership & Fitness centres

My mate Jon has decided he's going to get fit since he came back from the east. What's this got to do with me? Well, having signed up to the local sports centre he gets a guest membership (or two/..?). Very kindly offered to me. Which means for a week, for free, I can go use the facilities. Obviously a sales tool, but cool - I'm gonna make the most of it. So I wander over there after work in the afternoon (he'd been and done his thing in the morning) and was on the phone to him when he tells me we both have to be there - he has to sign me in and out in order for the guest membership to work. Bugger! Cos I work part-time and I don't think our times coincide apart from Friday unless I make it a very early start. Might not get much of a chance to use it then. Having carried my gear all the way down the hill as well (and there's the return walk back up). I think the walk with it and the food shopping I did probably made up for the exercise I lost though!

That sucks.

Hey, at least I went to the badminton club on Sundays for the first time in about 2-3yrs. Have played since with friends but not for quite a few months so I was terribly out of practice. Didn't play that bad actually - just completely failed to win any games (doubles all the time). Was getting better at the end though and hopefully after a few weeks regular attendance I'll be close as back to normal. Which was quite decent, when I played regularly. The tallness helps (I'm 6'), and long legs/arms to get about the court quickly and reach those tricky ones. Shouldn't let my pretty nice racquet go to waste either.

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