Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mobile upgrade

I finally upgraded my Nokia 6310i which I've had for 3yrs on contract, to a Nokia 6230. My mate also chose the same for his upgrade, so again we have the same phone. Actually I've written most of what I want to say on his blog so go read that and my comments...

Nice phone. Some thoughts so far after a day's fairly heavy use (ran down the battery playing mp3s over bluetooth, setting it up how I like it, and transferring contacts :-):

  • The keypad isn't quite as good as the 6310i in my opinion - no slack space between the keys, you can't be quite so carefree when pressing them as on the 6310 if you have ordinary size fingers and don't want to hit a wrong key.
  • The new directional-joypad thing isn't as good as a joystick for accuracy but is smoother when going from one direction to another and probably less thumb wear & tear. Overall, the keypad is decent enough, properly switched keys rather than a mebrane type thing they put on cheap phones.
  • Good bluetooth functionality - hurrah!
  • Same nice Nokia address-book and easy to use menus as all their phones.
  • It's not as customisable as Sony Ericcson phones, but I don't care about it looking pretty. Would be nice to have a few of their features though - e.g. the automatic switch to a set profile when a meeting/other calendar alarm goes off, and pin-protected keylock. At least it's got time-delay auto-keylock for those times you might forget. I've wasted too many contract minutes before with it trying to call strange numbers or send empty texts to people who's names begin with A, when it's been in my pocket unlocked.

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