Friday, June 03, 2005

Cars, Parties, Job, Dates

Wow it's been a while since I last wrote.

Done an awful lot - maybe that's why I haven't got round to posting, having been so busy. My life is definitely taking a turn for the better: my car is finally back on the road again (yahoo!) - originally with the intention of selling it, assuming I couldn't get any more computing work, but it's worked out I don't need to now; I've had a date recently with someone I met from a dating website that went well and 2nd date is this weekend (plus lots of fun chatting online in the evenings); the job thing is sorted; and I've been to a great party recently too.

The last two weeks at work have just been really hectic - with end-of-the-month time and a bank holiday weekend to boot. I've done more than the equivalent of a full-time week and all that while trying to arrange car insurance, it's servicing/work on it (ouch... new clutch, flywheel, 4 new tyres, ...), and catch up with other important things.

It's all beginning to look quite rosy in fact. Like it! More details on everything later, as it all progresses if appropriate. I'm too busy to write more now!

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