Friday, July 01, 2005

Time for a break

I did it last time too (well, actually the time before that). Got an exciting new job, go on holiday. New jobs don't usually give you an instant years worth of holiday leave so I thought I'd make something of the 2 weeks I allowed myself in between the Post Office and my new programming job in London. I have been wanting to go to Spain for a while (after my trip to Mexico last year for my brother's wedding, I have to comment yet again on how beautiful it was down on the beach). So I grabbed a load of brochures, scoured the public library for relevant books and did some research. I didn't know all that much about the country, my knowledge went up exponentially overnight.

I decided it was going to be a few days (like my NY trip the last time I did this) rather than a week, still allows me time to get my life in order a bit before the new job and to recover at home before starting. Obviously Spain is wayyyy too big to see all of it in one stay and it wasn't even realistic to explore one area well so I was going for a city-break. Barcelona sounded like a good choice being near the sea and having a lot of culture - a good mix of beach and sightseeing. Madrid was tempting, maybe even Valencia but the Barcelona mix sounded more like what I wanted.

Just booked it today! Can't wait! Got to swot up on what Spanish I've learned, keep the TVEi channel on in the background, my book+tapes to hand, and not forget the dictionary. I've still got about a week after I quit the P.O. before I go so plenty of time to prepare.

There was rather a nice girl in the travel agents too when I booked it - ended up being the best offer, she was the most friendly and most helpful, willing to put the extra effort in to check things for me whereas the other people I spoke to didn't sound like they cared so much.

I'm still a little high actually, maybe I should write more when I've calmed down. Only tomorrow to go at the P.O.! Then a leaving drink or two. Will have to take it easy after that - went out last night for a flatmate's leaving do, he's off to Canada for a long trip and had a few drinks (but luckily not enough to suffer this morning for my last full day), will likely be out the rest of tonight and already had a quick one after work; then out tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure tomorrow will turn into an all-nighter although not everyone'll be there for the duration.

Hope you're all having as good a time as I am :-) Catch you later!


  1. Enjoy yourself?

  2. Yep, have been and am sure I will continue to. Got to decide the best way to the airport: drive up and pay for parking or sleep over the night before somewhere in London/near Heathrow. The flight is too early for travelling up early morning and would mean a long and boring wait if I went straight there latest train the night before.

  3. No posts for 25 days! Come on, I need Breezer!!!!!!

  4. 25 days? God, already...

    I've been meaning to blog Barcelona but been so busy doing other stuff and with the new job... One is on it's way.