Thursday, May 04, 2006

No space

Lots of people have the group of friends that they forward funnies to that they get via SMS text or email. Well here's one that really (just today) happened to a customer calling one of the support guys at our office.

His keyboard broke two years ago, leaving him with no Space bar. He first created a login and signed on to our site three years ago. We have an automatic login (via cookies/whatever) so regular users don't need to re-enter their password every day from the same PC, as many sites do. So this user hasn't needed to retype his password ever since he first logged on. He had an issue today, so rung our support department; who told him to clear his cache and retry. It fixed the problem; but only after he'd failed to log on because he couldn't type a space into the login form.

For god's sake; a new keyboard is 5-10quid unless you want a flash one. I really can't believe he's got away using email, posting any content at all without his Space key for two whole years.

The temporary fix was to find a space elsewhere and copy and paste it in with his mouse or the Edit menu. I've had times in Windows 95/98 when the drivers have messed up or some program has got itself in a twist and I've had to copy and paste text to be able to do something before I could restart it; but for two years! Oh my god!


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