Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fast Dogs

I've gone to the dogs now. Greyhounds to be precise. Went out to the Wimbledon stadium to go watch some races and bet on a few the night before last, and I didn't win anything. My mate won on about 3 races, but only cos he was fairly flexible in his bets and didn't win much each time.

Of course, the two times I didn't bet but knew what I would have bet on, the dogs came home and I could have won a bit - not sure how much a forecast (betting which dog will come 1st and 2nd in that order) would have got me but I could have got one if I'd bothered to start betting a bit earlier. We're not talking much money, but it was annoying.

Some trivia: I remember hearing somewhere that greyhounds are actually incredibly fast off-the-line, and can be doing 40mph within a few bounds - even faster than cheetah's over the early steps. Cheetah's of course are faster and can keep up the acceleration for longer. But still impressive.

A fun night anyway. Although the mobile reception was rather messed up with a massive amount of steel around in the stadium.


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