Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Nokia

Just got my upgrade, to a Nokia N73. Not had a symbian-based S60 phone before, and I knew it was going to be a bit slower having played with one in a shop.

The contacts synchronisation and upload from my old phone via bluetooth was very cool though. I was thinking it would take messing around with a program on the PC to bulk copy them over (via a bluetooth usb adaptor), on Linux I would have used gnokii with a script or gammu/wammu or something; but on exploring the phone I saw a "Transfer" application in the Tools menu. I ran it, and from the explanatory text it looked like it could do what I wanted. So I turned the bluetooth on to discoverable in my old phone (a Nokia 6230), chose it in the N73's list when it came up, and it did it's thing. All my contacts, memos, todo's, and diary entries were nicely synchronised with my new phone. Quite quickly too. Very easy, quite cool.

Loving the 3.2Mpix resolution on the camera, although it does take quite a while to start-up which is annoying if you want to catch a moment or take a quick snap then move on and haven't got the camera running already. But quite a nice interface, and the buttons on the side are very handy. Well, maybe too handy sometimes - it's easy to press the "Gallery" button when on a call and switch to the last image you viewed or the image browser - for me at least, but maybe it has to do with being left-handed and holding it up to my right ear? (so the thumb is placed over the button nicely)


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