Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cloverfield leaf-elled

Ok, again, excuse the absolutely horrible and rather-stretched pun of a title (clover-leaf? levelled?... yeeeeeessss). I went to see Cloverfield for a movie's meetup via - well actually it should have been Sweeney Todd, but they sold out just before I got to the kiosk. Others had booked in advance, and I almost did, doh! But anyway. The usual level of non-specific spoiler applies as per my other reviews (ie you won't find out anything more, in fact probably noticably less, than watching a TV-spot promotional for it).

The usual arc of introduce some characters, build involvement and viewer attachment, have them go through some kind of change, and tie things off, doesn't quite hold for this movie. It's only missing one part, and it's not the beginning. It leaves you rather suddenly; I'd been slightly prepared for it, and there were several moments where I wondered "is this it?", but if you like the typical hollywood ending and being predictable then perhaps this movie will leave you a little cold. But I think it's more a good thing than a bad thing. It's been compared to the Blair Witch Project, but only because it sports the same camera-style of jumping around and panning everywhere rather than cutting between characters. If that aspect of the Blair Witch really threw you in a bad way (or you threw up) then perhaps you should give this one a miss, at least until it's out on the small screen/DVD, where the effect is less noticable.

I enjoyed the movie, but I only rate it about 6.something/10, and I still want to go back and see the Todd with Johnny Depp (I'm becoming more a fan of his work the more I see, and I loved his Captain Jack Sparrow - but for that law about worse sequels, damnit, or at least blatantly stretching the monetisation of them).


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