Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bitcoined Paypal future

Paypal's president David Marcus (from the LeWeb conference) said..

"I think the retail chains will have to reinvent themselves," he said. They'll be showrooms where people can check out products then buy them later online. They'll be logistics centers where people can pick up items quickly that they ordered online. They'll be warehouses from which companies can ship products quickly to online purchasers.

I've had these thoughts before in the last couple of years. I'm interested by his plan to get into bitcoin for transfers (mentioned in the same interview, my source at cnet, replacing your bank account for funding-source/withdrawal-destination, I would guess), though they don't feel its stable enough to do that yet for most people. I think I'd agree. I now own some small quantity of bitcoin out of interest and ability to make micropayment donations easily to those that accept it (come on charities? anyone?) without them losing so much of it to fees, but the volatility will stop me buying much more.Tags:

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