Saturday, December 27, 2003

Aguilera fan? Noooo!

Am I becoming a Christina (or "Xtina" - ugh) Aguilera fan?

The first album didn't do much for me at all - Genie in a bottle was cute-ish, as was she, but there was nothing particularly long-lasting about it. I can't even name any other tracks from it.

But with her current Stripped album, I've been quite moved by "The Voice Within" and getting into "Fighter" and other songs. I even quite like the long dark wavy haircut she has for the voice within video. I even went and bought the album. What's wrong with me??? No, I haven't started fancying her. I wouldn't kick her out of bed or anything, but she's not up there with the likes of Holly Valance, Kelly Brook (sometimes), Cindy Crawford, etc.. (yeah ok, make fun of my picks if you like). So... What gives?

She's definitely more talented than Britney, with a nicer voice that doesn't rely on tongued 'L's (why why why?).

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