Saturday, December 27, 2003

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

How was your Christmas? Crap? Be honest. Mine was ok. Got some good pressies. It was a family oriented one (as they usually are) - New Year is the piss-up time for me. I saw the "Grumpy Old Men" show on BBC2 on Christmas day (one of a series, I think) and totally sympathised with some of the points made about the tackier/lame Christmas traditions. Like:

  1. Buying a Christmas tree that's several foot too large for the destination room and having to hack the top off; thereby losing the gradual tapering towards a tip, and requiring several hours to place enough decorations around to cover up the mess.
  2. Turkey for Christmas. No, actually this is fine. It's the turkey for boxing day, the day after that, the one after that.... that gets depressing.
  3. Christmas pudding that has to be lit no matter how much brandy it takes; this usually takes ten minutes to accomplish and uses half a bottle, leaving one very strongly flavoured, crispy, blackened, char of a pudding.
  4. Rushing into town on boxing day to grab stuff in the sales. Boxing day should be a day to chill out/recover/relax at home or with friends.
  5. Drunk relatives regailing you with stories from their youth (that you've heard a thousand times before anyway) before collapsing in an alcoholic stupor on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.
  6. The absolutely abysmal Christmas chart no.1. which has nothing whatsoever festive about it.
  7. A complete lack of snow on the day itself, but all the cold, windy, and wet weather to go with it anyhow.

There were a tonne more but I can't remember them all. Luckily I(we) didn't suffer from any of them this year. Apart from maybe the no.1 single.

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