Thursday, January 15, 2004

Sporty car + tipsy girls = pull?

Does it? I've never yet tried it, 'cos I don't want to attract the sort of girl who'd go out with me just cos I have a fast car. But in the absence of any other happenings, and probably being close to when I have to sell my Scooby, a last ditch attempt to make use of it may be called for and just say sod-it. I'll have to get Adam along and pull up outside a club or something around chucking-out time. Or just be in there and happen to mention I'm driving home and could offer lifts, and oh yes, I've got a Subaru Impreza Turbo (although the ladies are half as likely to say "what's that then"!). It's not quite the same as having a BMW, Porsche, or Ferrari etc. although very nearly as quick.

Should sort the tyres out first (might need new rears) so there's no worries over the car's handling especially if it's wet.

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