Sunday, January 11, 2004


Hurrah! Finally got a nice user-friendly Linux running on my main desktop PC. That would be Suse v8.2. The bad news is that I'm not using it the majority of the time yet, cos I haven't sorted out my broadband dial-up through anything else than Win98 on this box. Other things come first; at least I have a firewall on my Windows box.

Suse is one I've never dabbled with before. I've had Slackware (about 3 different versions over the years), Redhat, and Mandrake (most recently). Slackware's fine, but it doesn't really help you set it up beyond the basics. I needed to do some extra installs/work to get my Speedtouch USB modem running anyway, including copying the hardware over from my Windows drive partition.

I like it so far, very easy menus during the install and nicely configurable. Time will tell whether it's my preferred choice.

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