Monday, July 05, 2004

It's all new! (clothes)

Got a quarterly bonus, and my yearly one this month so I've been spending some on clothes. I kind of needed a few things anyway, and although I'm not that sure I ought to be spending much on them I've got myself a new jacket (at last!), some new undies, and a nice new shirt. The large majority of which was in the sales and I did need it anyway.

I'd wanted a new jacket for months and months, but couldn't justify £60-odd or more to get one worth having. I have survived on just a zip-up fleece and a thin waterproof for the last few months (since I lost my other nice (thin) jacket), but I've been wanting a thicker one for about a year now (or more). The sales meant I could buy a previously-£80 jacket for just over 40 quid. Great.

There have started to be some really nice patterned shirts appearing on shelves over the last few years, or is it that my taste has changed and I've started to notice them more? Anyway, here's a sample of the new one I got in Next today:
Love the way the diagonal lines change hue creating darker and lighter pattern areas almost at random. Randomness in patterns, or slightly non-regular shapes in patterns (e.g. wobbly edges), or unregular shapes joined interestingly always look good.


  1. hi breezer, congratulations on the fab site. i love it! on your recommendation i've just been down to next and bought myself a fantastic new cotton shirt to adorn my thorax and upper clavicle/shoulder area.
    upon arriving home with this fantastic garment home i set about immediately measuring the angles used in the patterns and found, incredibly enough, that from in some places there was a deviation of up to 1.32 degrees from the norm of 90 degrees. Can you believe it? A study of mean deviation and variance showed it to be a staggering .62 of a degree.
    Following on from your study of randomness in patterns i am now in the process of spec'ing and designing and online simulation of the patterns found in my underpants after i spilled my mess whilst carrying out the previously described measurements. This simulation will show both penile and anal emissions and allow the user to create simulations of their own solied undergarments.

  2. Hey come on... I really hope you're taking the mick there - noone sane would bother to measure the angles... :)