Sunday, July 18, 2004

Need an instant-thesaurus!

Remember my gripe about mis-punctuation a while ago?

I could do with a quick accessible-from-the-desktop thesaurus tool on my computer to help out when you're looking for the right word to fill in a message/email, and you've got a word but it's not quite right or has an image that goes with it that you don't want to portray. I don't actually own a hard-copy paper thesaurus, as I always thought the ones provided with things like MS Word or equivalents (Star Office, etc..) would be good enough. They're certainly quicker to find words in/jump around similar words than a book as long as you have your PC running, but I wouldn't mind a more instant access than that too.

In searching for a web page that might provide something I could twist using a script or little program into what I need, I found a handy reference for anyone not quite sure about grammar.

Common Errors in English
(via a link on

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  1. I found one... Thanks Jon, if you go to you should find what you're after - I tried out CleverKeys which is handy.