Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Pier, Harwich (Essex, UK)

Nice restaurant. The menu is mainly fish based but they also do a few other options in case you're not a seafood fan. It has a view out over the water too. We had a meal there last weekend for my brother's wedding celebrations - for everyone who couldn't make it to Mexico, but most of the UK side of the wedding party was there plus the bride's father. Next door they have a function room/bar we used for the rest of the time.

Fitting with the sea theme to the place, as you go in to the restaurant there is a ship's wheel and one of those levers used to indicate the speed/direction required (from full ahead to full reverse).

If you have enough people to book it all, not everyone can see everyone else as the room is a 'U' shape around the entrance area and the two top ends of the U are slightly raised up on a platform. Recommended for the food and good service, they were ever so helpful to the happy couple with putting out their supplied flowers, candles and other decorations.

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