Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1 Year Old!

One Year Old

My blog is one year old! I'm surprised I'm still writing entries actually. I kind of thought this would be something I kept up for a few months then lost interest in. I started a diary (the old-fashioned pen and paper type) when I was about 13 and kept that going regularly til well into university and beyond, although to be honest in later years the entries got more and more sporadic and I was always trying to catch up from previous incomplete entries. I've looked back at them since and realised I was just trying to record events and happenings, whereas the really interesting stuff would have been the thoughts and feelings associated with them.

I dare say my authoring skills have improved since then. My grammar and spelling skills have always been pretty good anyway.

Here's to more years (as long as I can write interesting or worthy posts, anyway!)



  1. Happy birthday Breezer! I love reading your blog, it's one of the few I still follow. I came across it whilst googling for ZX Spectrum stuff! Nice one!

  2. Aww... Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. I never envisioned anyone other than good friends and family ever reading it (and even them occasionally), and I don't write it to get the readership, but it's appreciated.