Monday, November 21, 2005

Podcast Overload

There's just too god damn many of them. Aaaarrghhhhh!

Ok, let me explain. Listening to a show that only comes out once or twice a week isn't too much of a strain to keep up with. Especially when it's a podcast with all the "anywhere, anytime" benefits. If you don't end up having spare time to catch it on one day you've still got time before the next one comes out. But I simply don't have enough podcast-available time in the week (my commute, the odd evening if I'm in the mood and not busy), allowing time for not thinking of it sometimes or having other things I want to do (read, listen to music) to keep up with a daily podcast. At least one longer than 5 or 10 minutes anyway. There are two that I like enough to have tried it for a while (Dawn'n'Drew and Daily Source Code, (link on the sidebar->)), but ever since they've been sticking to the daily schedule it hasn't lasted. Blame it on Sirus (sp?) radio and Podshow.

A voice comment at the end of Dawn-and-Drew #190 pushed me on to post this. I decided to do a 'catch-up' on my podcast client (a self-customised version of bashpodder and a few scripts plus remembering to swap mobile phone MMC memory cards over overnight). So I skipped a fair few shows of the daily 'casts, and I don't care all that much. Maybe I'll read the rss feeds to check I haven't missed anything important. I suspect not though. But I'm happier keeping up with my once/twice-weekly or less-frequent 'casts. It's not a core leisure time interest, although I do really enjoy my favourites - especially the ones that combine humour really well with their subject, no matter how geeky or technical (eg. the Linux user's LUGRadio - prime example).


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