Sunday, January 29, 2006


Hurrah, I found a flat. It's a 1-bed (not a share), in London, zone 3 and less than 10 minutes walk from a sub-30-minute journey in to the tube closest to work (if the notorious tube line it's on is running well). Also not so many minutes away from Clapham Junction, which just happens to be the busiest station in England (still?) and a gateway to a tonne of places in the south from Portsmouth, Guildford, and Southampton to the edges of Kent. So it's well equipped transport-wise, and I'm right on the edge of a common so it's not devoid of green bits or trees.

All quite cheaply too, comparatively; the flat has some oddities and isn't GCH (yet - but the landlord might have plans to later in the year) although it does have a gas fire. Very spacious compared to another one I saw at the same price, although further away from the station (that one would have been 2-3mins walk away).

I move in very soon and I've been very busy packing, organising things for the new flat and planning stuff.


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