Monday, January 09, 2006

Spectrum of Customer Service

Experienced the whole spectrum of customer service (and shops) on Sunday. From a badly laid out, very hard to browse, too full shop with staff who weren't easy to understand and didn't really want you to look at all their stock (ok, you had to excuse a non-original English speaker). I kid you not. The manager (I suspect) tried to pry me away from looking at one section which was taking me a while (because it was too packed with items and not very clearly laid out, oh and I couldn't get to half of them to move them and see what other (quite different items) were directly behind them on the "rack" - hook, anyway), to try and direct me to look further back in the shop which was equally packed out and uninviting. Barely room to swing the proverbial cat. It was almost like his personal collection he wanted to show off instead of a shop, but things had prices on (well, some did). So I had a quick browse and left. He had another floor but didn't make it clear that we couldn't go down to see stuff, it was just for staff - apparently I was supposed to know what they had down there with - what - my X-ray vision? - and ask to see it, where upon his assistant would bring it up.

At the other end of the Spectrum (sorry, no Sinclair references in this particular post) was a really helpful, polite, knowledgable assistant in a different shop not all that many doors further up on Camden high street (towards the stables). He knew the product ranges, he was being a salesman of course but not pushy; and offered pros and cons and not-in-the-product-labelling information that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Thankyou so much for making my experience there very pleasant; it's places like that where you're more than happy to go back to even if they're a few percent more than the competition. Not that they always are either, so you can win on both fronts. Places you'll go the extra few tube stops for, places worth taking time out to visit again if you just happen to be in the area on a completely unrelated mission. If I'd remembered the name of the place I'd have mentioned it... Doh!


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