Sunday, January 03, 2016

Linux default/non-default web browser link opening

Anyone annoyed in running non-default browser; click link elsewhere, starts default app w/ lots restored tabs (slow), new window etc.

'course, instead I could keep browsers slim, close down tabs lots more often or start a new session afresh each time.  Not happening.

So back in May 2015, I wrote a script to be my new default www browser. When I click on links now in any app (that opens them in the system default browser), it runs this script instead which looks for the most-preferred web browser currently running and opens the link in that. Solved!

I also shared this code on my github, and while it has a bug or two still, it does its job the majority of the time (for me at least). I'd be happy if you or anyone else took a look and tried it out, reported bugs, suggested/offered improvements etc. There is a little bit of file editing to install it at present (indicating its fairly immature status), but once installed you just have to select it as the default browser in your settings, and can easily switch back to your previous one if you haven't done anything non-standard beforehand. There's a configuration file for it to tell it how to order your browsers and even (probably a bit buggy) ways to always use a certain browser for certain sites.

I could do with a gui to configure it so non-sysadmins can use it easily.

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