Sunday, January 03, 2016

Tech Wedding Lessons

I got married in February 2012 (this post was originally written 6 Feb 2012 but only just published in Jan 2016), and it was an international wedding. Being a software developer computer geek, I wanted to try and involve some technology along the way and thought that judicious use of some apps/software, whether homegrown or 3rd-party, would make some things easier.
But first, what else did I learn about organising a wedding? The sort of things you'd learn from doing any large event really, but these stood out for me (not in order though):
  1. I knew this already, but to any event you'll ALWAYS (95% of times) have people who say yes and for whatever (good or poor) reason, can't make it on the day. You can't control them, but if you don't value their reason it will affect your view of them/willingness to invite them to the next event. Hopefully it won't be the bride or groom!
  2. You'll also sometimes get people who reply without identifying themselves, or without completing the reply properly. We didn't write on our generic invitations, only address them manually. So each invitation and reply card looked like the next one - much simpler unless you can automate it (and also for those last minute people you remember about or suddenly have to invite). We decided to call the last-minute additions to the guest list 'Mystery Guests' and numbered them, and let them figure out which of them was which when they got there - we didn't have time to do the full guest set up for them by name; but if I redid it I'd try and get more time to pre-number/name each invitation by the id we already had for them in our database (actually two places: a spreadsheet and a mysql database), or write a name/household on it already.
  3. I bought a domain and developed a site for info/rsvp online; but this ended up taking up too much of my time really, to get all the functionality I wanted. Ok, so I started off with an overly complicated plan, and was really keen to do something amazing but in the end it just had to cover the basics. Not a huge number of people saw it, I password protected it to avoid every man and his dog knowing when we were going to be away from the house for a while.

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