Saturday, January 08, 2005

Beware Tsunami Earthquake appeal fraudsters

Oh my god.. I can't believe anyone would do this.

Just seen an article on the BBC newsfeed that there are fake donation email scams going round... That defies belief. In the wake (sorry...) of such a big disaster there are people willing to use people's compassion and generosity to make money. I myself actually received something like that today via email, which I deleted without thought as I usually would for any spam-like mail. I wouldn't make a donation by any way I wasn't sure was honest. I'd also want a very high percentage, or all, of the money passed on to the people who need it and the people caring for those injured, suffering loss, or bereaved in the disaster.

BBC News article

As an addendum, you can donate with confidence over the counter at most banks, a few trusted websites, via phone (there's a TV ad around listing it and the website - www.dec... something), and at any Post Office free of charge (and they take debit cards now too).

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