Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Daily Source Code podcast title

I had thought of writing a "why?" post about the title of Adam Curry's daily source code; ok, it's daily but I can't see what the source code refers to.. He's not a programmer, it's not (mostly) about programs. If you can call podcasts a "source" then I suppose it means something, but you're stretching it a little.

But this guy does podcast reviews and said it for me. I have my own opinion on Adam's program, and the fact that I keep up with it most if not every day probably tells you enough. He can still be pretty stupid sometimes (can't we all) but for some reason I still keep coming back 'cos he's got the character (and ego?) to keep it interesting. Plus his broadcasting experience (which most other podcasters don't have) that helps to pull it off. It feels more professional (the pro-quality equipment helps there, if only we could all afford it). Even if you're thinking "oh my god" sometimes to what he's saying.

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