Monday, January 31, 2005

Carphone Warehouse insurance - "Lifeline"

I'm going to write more on this to explain later, but for now just take my word for it that my experience with them has been so bad that I would heartily recommend you don't use them. They've been bad in most of the ways that you can be when I've dealt with them. Not actually evil, just a complete lack of good service or, in some ways, competence. Even for things that are realllly trivial to get right. Like your address (which should be picked up straight from the details for the contract which I signed, and vodaphone/cpw get right every month on my bill without problem)....

I would suggest you find someone else if you're about to go / are with them. I'm cancelling my policy just as soon as physically possible, I don't mind paying a few quid more per month with another company. Or even going insurance-less for a while (not so advisable when you're inside the minimum contract terms unless the phone's not worth much).

Story to come...

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