Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nintendo DS and midnight shopping

Ever been out at midnight to do some shopping? I don't mean to the 24hr supermarkets or your local 7-11 type place for essential groceries or snack-attack fixes; I mean other goods shopping.

I haven't done anything this crazy in a while, but this Thursday evening me and my mate Jon decided to head off to our nearest big town's Game games/console shop to see if their Nintendo DS offers were worth taking advantage of. Just for the hell of it. The handheld gaming console was released on Friday so they opened up specially for the punters who just had to get one as soon as possible.

It was weird walking down the main streets in darkness with noone else around, and also, you're probably thinking, kinda sad. But it was also cool in a geeky way and neither of us had to get up early on the Friday or had done anything so mad for a while. So it had to be done. It's not even as if you couldn't get a console already, as they had been available on import from the US for ages - but this was the official UK launch.

I ended up buying a couple of games for my PC (damnit, knew it was fatal to go in there) - haven't bought any for a couple of years. My PC's getting a little old now for brand new games but it'll happily play the older ones so I got Homeworld (had been considering this for a while anyway), Worms Armageddon (been a fan since the first sit-around-the-keyboard multiplayer Amiga version my mates had), and Master of Orion 3 on a buy-2-get-1-free offer. So when people ask "So what was the last mad thing you did?", I can now tell them (if I dare admit) it was this year not last (or the year before, as likely).

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