Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter

I know it's late, but I hope you all had a good one. I've been having quite a busy weekend and although I had to work Saturday morning it was still good. I normally visit my parents over Easter, in fact this is the first year I haven't.

My landlord has a couple of old friends from Canada over and it's been fun going out with them. We went for a lovely afternoon drink or two in a couple of pubs towards Winchester, each had a well in the pub and one of them was 300ft deep. You could drop an ice cube down and it took several seconds before you see it hit the water atthe bottom. The other one was used to supply water for the micro-brewery there that has produced consistently prize-winning beer, and I have to say, it was very nice indeed. Strong-ish stuff, but not sweet like they can be sometimes - had a slight sharpness to it that just suited it perfectly.

Now I've got to find some photos for a competition I usually enter, I managed to win a category last time and usually do fairly well so let's hope I can improve again.

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