Sunday, March 20, 2005

School dinners

Everyone rips on them and we all know they are bad, but watching Parky tonight with Jamie Oliver (+ Billie Piper, the new Dr. Who 'babe'; and Ewan McGregor - very interesting, cool guy by the way), are the nations children really suffering that badly from lack of proper nutrition?

School children (heck, anyone) should not subsist purely on a diet of junk fast-food like McD's, BK, KFC etc.. Microwave-meals are almost as bad apparently, and I can believe that. I haven't seen the Supersize Me film but obviously that's aiming at the same problem. I find it hard to believe what Jamie was saying about a lot of the kids (and not just the really young ones) not being able to identify 'normal' fresh foods. Like rhubarb. But apparently that's so.

If you read this and have children living without at least a few proper cooked meals per week, made from fresh (or frozen at least) ingredients, I'd love to have a straw poll in my comments. If you're one of the ones who regularly feeds them good food then I also want to hear.

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