Sunday, April 03, 2005

5280 Green Feet

I ended up watching The Green Mile (aaahh - get the post title now?) again tonight, as Film Four are having a freeview weekend. Didn't see all that many films on that I haven't seen before and was interested in - Birthday Girl was on while I was eating dinner/chatting with our visitors from Canada (landlord's friends) with Nicole Kidman & Ben Chapman; then somehow, I ended up watching the whole of The Green Mile again. Bloody good film, it's one that if you start watching it for any length of time you're just going to have to watch to the end no matter how much you tell yourself you've seen it before and, you know, it really is bedtime...

It gets very emotional, enough to bring a tear to your eye as you really care about the characters. Frank Darabont (director) has done a great job bringing the gravity of death row to the screen without being overdramatic. There are some quite graphical scenes of the executions in there, not comedic B-movie blood'n'guts but horrific scenes that make you think about this type of punishment and wonder how it was allowed. But the movie wouldn't carry as much weight without the shock factor and these thought-provoking images.It really brings it home.

Tom Hanks is great in it as you'd expect, and there are some good strong supporting roles particularly from Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey, the mysterious condemned man with a touch of magic about him. The story is based on a Stephen King novel which should tell you something of it's quality. That reminds me - must do some more reading. Bought Dreamcatcher today real cheap at a market - I can always BookCross it if I don't like it.

In short, if you're reading this and intrigued by the movie, and haven't seen it, I strongly recommend you go rent or maybe even buy it. Or trade in to get it at Xiddi.

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