Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Scrubs!

Anyone who can get E4 and is a fan of the wacky hospital-based sitcom Scrubs should know that it's just started a new series and is looking like it's going to be just as funny as the last one. I trhink this must be the third series at least now, and it's fairly well known but hasn't creeped into the general population anywhere near as much as say Friends, ER, or more recently Will & Grace.

It's great comedy, a edging towards slapstick in it's humour approach, most of it revolving around the relationships between the main characters and the situation part of it, their jobs. What's more Heather Graham's joined this series as a new doctor and I'm more than happy to watch her. Actually, it didn't have any major eye candy before - except when Tara Reid ran for a while as JD's girlfriend. Elliot's kinda cute but not in the typical hollywood fashion, and that character's a bit messed up psychologically too. Er... well I think most of them are a bit messed up to be honest, makes the humour so much easier; but you can still understand them even when they go past the normal empathy point.


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