Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A word in your ear: phone headsets

So how do you save arm effort and/or neck strain while spending an inordinate number of hours talking to your mate on the phone (or listening to mp3s or the radio or whatever) and keeping it private?

Headphones are the answer, but the connection between them and your device is the problem if you involve style, required power, and comfort:

  1. Standard wired head/ear phones - they only stretch so far, with cable that can flap about or get snagged and pull the 'phones from your ears. The cable always gets tangled up taken off unless you pack them away carefully (that must be a universal law, like bread landing buttered side down).
  2. Bluetooth headset - you look like a twat, to be honest. Especially the over-the-ear style all-in-one kits. Fit and comfort are very important here if worn for long periods. The other option involving a separate box of tricks needs wires again, and while reducing the required length and need for wires draped around the body, still kind of negates the point (although looks better)..

Damn we need another option.

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