Tuesday, April 19, 2005

An Audience (for moi)

I started writing this blog partly for myself as a diary: I used to keep one regular as clockwork many years (2 decades-ish) ago, and it wasn't just a phase I went through - I've got about 5 notebooks full. But I also did it so family and friends too, if they were interested, could see what I'd been up to recently. I don't always remember everything worth telling on the phone to everybody, and some people I don't call so much have been surprised before when I've referred to things they hadn't a clue I'd done. Oh, and I suppose there's a bit of fame-seeking/wanting to be heard in the mix too (but not too much, I hope). But I really didn't expect to get any kind of readership, of any regularity whatsoever.

But it turns out someone has been quite interested. At least for a little while anyway. I'm sure they'll give up soon (or already have?) but I got a strange mail a while ago from someone that I really wasn't sure was real, but it turns out they were (I'm still hoping :-), and that I had someone who had read and looked at my site/blog over the course of more than one day! Wa-hoo!!!

Mmmm... Most people probably wouldn't bother blogging, or even mentioning, about having an audience (probably temporary)... of 1... (other than the irregular but intended audience).

PS: Hi, if you're still reading... Don't let me get too big-headed! :-)

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