Sunday, August 28, 2005

Renault Clio Cup182

I had a test drive last weekend (20th Aug) in a Renault 182 Cup - the next one on from the 172 of a year or two ago?

Nice effective and gradual brakes but not a lot of feel. Nice steering feedback, quite light too, but I do prefer my Scooby which does have very nice steering.

Seating position isn't that great - it requires a slight reach for the gearstick (and with me being 6' with long arms what about anyone else?); the seat's a fair bit higher than I'm used to, I felt too high but it could just have been my Subaru conditioning. Needs quite a few revs before it feels powerful. I only really experienced the full pull once, accelerating up onto a dual carriageway and it felt like I was pushing it too far as the revs got to 6k rpm. My Scooby's redline is 7k, and the turbo-boost is limited at 6.5 when there's a very noticable and fairly sudden drop in power if you've got your foot down so I always change up before then even if I'm really going for it. But that's what it took for it to feel a fast car. Mind you, the red line is at 7.4k I think. It was quite a gradual step up from feeling like an ordinary capable little supermini to the power surge, which I almost disliked - the turbo kick may have it's downside (ugh.. lag..) but you certainly know when you're on boost! It involves you more as you're thinking about the revs, and just generally, from being pretty manic (scary if you're not used to it) acceleration at full pelt). Is this Clio a VVT-type engine (or Renault's equivalent)?

It was fun anyway, and another car to add to my experience


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