Thursday, September 01, 2005

Code hacking again

It's been too long since I had a fun programming project for myself. I haven't had a pet project I've been able to start for quite a while (I had ideas, but none motivating enough).

I'm taking a look at writing a little app (or plugin? feasible?) to synchronise/integrate Opera's RSS feed support with fetching the podcasts I listen to. I also (a separate requirement) want the Opera install on my Linux box at work to synchronise with my one at home so it knows which feed articles I've read and which I haven't.

I found some python source code for exporting the list of feeds already. I'll probably just export it for something like iPodder to use for the first part, but there may be a command-line (very very simple) podcatcher on it's way as part of it.

After that, the next part for my no-hassle automatic daily synchronisation involves using a bluetooth connection from my PC (once I get a USB dongle so my PC can talk BT) to send the latest podcasts I care about and any other mp3s/info for the day to my phone (say, a 'note' with the weather for the day? My todo's?).

I currently copy stuff to my phone using my MMC card but:

  • I tend to forget so it only happens every few days
  • It's hassle to remove the card on the Nokia 6230

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