Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Django is a Python (scripting programming language, non-techies) web framework I hadn't heard of until last night but I just happened to be at a pub where Simon Willison, one of the writers of the core system behind it was doing a presentation to a few people. I'd just felt like catching up with my mate who I hadn't seen for a little while so I gave him a call after work and he said come on over to Smithfields (EC1-ish I think) where it was. I don't know if Jon had gone out to have a look at this, I wasn't so interested in the actual presentation (but I have a mate who loves Python).

Another really weird coincidence was bumping into a demo coding acquaintance from years ago (not seen him in 10yrs or so), "Gasman". If he still calls himself that pseudonym. He recognised me somehow either from what I was saying or from seeing me at one or two of the NSSS shows before but I didn't know who he was til he explained. There was a bewildering moment for a second when he knew who I was but he hadn't told me who he was. Anyway, cool to meet him again. Was out til the last train back, way too late but somehow I'm up early and blogging this before I go to work.

What with all this catching up and watching him show off Django, I didn't even really get to chat to my mate much before he left. Bloody good evening though.


  1. Django is one of my favourite westerns!

    Nice posts by the way! Keep it up.

  2. Ta, I didn't know it was a film as well. Will have to check it out.