Thursday, September 01, 2005

Notting Hill 05

I was in two minds about whether to go this year, I've been to one before (about 3/4yrs ago?) but now I work in the city and it doesn't cost me anything extra to go up there with my railcard, I thought it would be a good day out.

It's always on the August bank holiday weekend, and I went on the Monday when it was a little quieter. I spent a few hours just walking around, seeing the floats and just milling in the crowd but I did stop and party at the Good Times set which was pretty good and a great atmosphere (like the whole event). Loads of classic tracks and some good mixes.

I have a picture taken of me (mobile phone only unfortunately as my film camera had just used up a film, spur of the moment and all that) with a girl I chatted to a couple of times who had the most gorgeous bright blue eyes. She had a great dancing style (very confident and lots of fun) - I did ask whether she had those special contact lenses in that colour them, but she said not. Not quite sure I believe her but they looked amazing. Very cute. For sake of privacy I won't put them up here but here's the other phone-photos of the day (film ones yet to be developed):

GoodTimes setThe Good Times set.
The crowdsCrowds and dancers around a float
Rocketship FloatA float with rocket-engine exhaust-shape filled rear

Although the DJs stopped spinning their sound systems at about 7pm, I wandered round the rest of the route with the throng, had some food and drink, and finally left about 9.30pm. I tried catching up with my mate Jon a couple of times as he might have been there somewhere but when there's so much music around you can easily miss a phone ringing.

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