Monday, September 19, 2005

Wedding Weekend

Not mine, as usual! A cousin's this time. We seem to average about one event per year in our family - there are enough of us around that age, or the odd big anniversary like ruby/gold weddings, etc. Apparently there aren't any more for another four years though so it's been made my task to cover next year. Anyone feel like getting married? No, of course I'm joking (you think!) but potential candidates should let themselves be known well in advance :-)

This one was up in Ripon, miles away at the other end of the country. I didn't get through quite as much camera film as I thought I would - about 3 I think, hopefully they all came out well. We'll see in a few days time.

There was a very cute girl on the catering staff there, mediterranean in appearance and happy to smile back at me but it's an awful long way away and I'll never see her again anyway.



  1. Ripon! Not very far from where I live, there is the best fish & chip shop in the world there.

  2. Note to the person who left one very strange and probably mis-posted to the wrong place comment regarding Girls Aloud and Mr/Mrs West/elephants/..

    Huh? WTF? Completely unrelated, nonsensical, unjustified comments about them. I deleted them both.