Monday, December 05, 2005

Blogger Backlinks

Great! Blogger (the people who provide the services for this blog if you didn't know already) finally implemented a trackback-alike service, although they're calling them "backlinks". Having read the documentation they're not quite the same as, and don't support the same interface as, a trackback. That's why they're not called trackbacks. I never got around to quite finishing implementation of haloscan's trackback support, so it's nice that Blogger have added this. It seems that everything haloscan add tools for, blogger eventually add themselves; but you might have to wait a while. Having it all integrated is nice anyway. Is the trackback standard going to be supported anytime soon blogger?

As I use my own custom template, and it's been modified quite a bit, blogger's automatic tool couldn't figure out where to put the code into my template so I'm having to do it myself - although they do supply information on how to do it. I'm doing it my own way of course, taking their tags and putting them where I want with the text I want. So apologies if it's slightly broken in the first few days while I play with the layout.

I ought to get fixing the drop-down on the bottom of the right sidebar too, 'cos that list of archive months is getting a little big. As I said before I'll try to keep it usable for browsers without javascript support (or with it turned off); not that there'll be many (any?) it'll affect. If it does, why don't you add a comment/mail me? If you don't understand you probably don't need to worry.

PS: edited 'cos I originally presumed backlinks were just trackbacks by another name.


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  1. i think you are very much right.
    didn't notice you blog before implemeting the same.
    eagerly looking forward for your solution :)