Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mobile Phone Key-clicks

I was on the train back home some weeks ago and may even have been in the "quiet please" carriage that requests you not to use mobile phones so people can get some rest/even to sleep on the way back. Every now and then there was a loud beep, and I suspected it was a mobile phone but I wasn't all that sure. It was starting to really get on my nerves. It wasn't a standard "message-arrived" beep and I can't imagine it was a call coming in, I didn't hear anyone talking on a call after; was it a keypress beep? Unlikely, too few and far between. So what? It got me thinking (rant mode on).

What is it with mobiles that makes people bestow such slavishness to them? Please have some respect. You're not locked away in your own little room the second your mobile (or 'cell' as the Americans call it) starts ringing, other people do exist. Just imagine how you'd react if it wasn't a mobile but another person trying to get your attention when you were busy talking or doing something with someone else. 'Cos that's basically what it is. If it was important enough, wouldn't you apologise to the original person before saying you had to speak to the caller? You certainly wouldn't just ignore the person you were socialising with, even if it's a clerk/assistant at a shop. They're people too you know.

Maybe I should also consider forming The Fellowship Against Awful Ringtones or something? Ok. Rant mode off.


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