Saturday, December 03, 2005

Improbably good HHGttG DVD extra

As soon as I'd seen Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy at the cinema, I knew I was going to want it on DVD. I own better movies on DVD, but the fondness for the original book/radio won over, there was a bit of the collector in me, and they did quite a good job with most of it anyway. So I ordered it soon after it was out, and it turned up quite a while ago. I only just watched it properly the other night - although I'd had a flip through the menus when I got it. The movie was still too fresh in my mind or I didn't have the time to watch it again. But I stayed up to watch the best bits again and see all the extras; Monday I think it was. In doing so, I discovered quite the most fun and best implemented feature I've come across for a long time on a DVD. Oh, the making-of feature is pretty interesting too (as they go); but the star for me is the "improbability drive". In the series, this is what drives the "Heart of Gold" ship that Arthur and Ford get picked up in (without ruining too much of the storyline for those new to it). They've implemented a way to pick a random special-feature to go to using this as an analogy, and the clip you get to see before it jumps to it is very cool, done in the same way as the movie, and fun.

Well done, Spyglass entertainment (and/or Touchstone pictures).

I have to say again, how well the Trillian character has been cast - although maybe that's just in comparison to the TV series. Zoey's sexy, intelligent, and has the right sort of chemistry with Arthur. I've already reviewed it so I won't repeat myself anymore.


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